Medical tourism to Hungary: Europe’s number one

Hungary now has a leading role in European health tourism with many options for pampering and healing both your body and soul. Whatever the need may be – dentistry, hair restoration or a weekend of unwinding and relaxation – these needs will certainly be met by world-class doctors and by Hungary’s exquisite and award-winning natural thermal baths.

Although Hungary has always been famous mostly for its spa tourism, its accession to the European Union has opened the way for dental tourism and hair tourism to gain a lot of ground, making this Central European country a highly sought after destination for tourists and patients alike.

What are the qualities that recommend Hungary as a health tourism hotspot for those seeking medical care?

Superior medical care at an affordable price

Hungary’s dental tourism isn’t only limited to dental services, but it reaches as far as offering education for many students eager to become dentists. Hungary has one of the most demanding medical schools in Europe. Students from all over the world come to Hungary to be able to learn from and later work alongside the best specialists in their field.

Dentistry is an especially popular medical service sought by foreign patients. Dental practices offer services that meet the highest exigencies, which prompts many patients to have their teeth taken care of at one of Budapest’s many dental clinics that offer, among other services, Swiss-quality dental prosthetic services. With savings of up to 40%-70%, choosing to fly to Budapest is a clear choice for patients who want to receive the best possible care without having to make great financial sacrifices.

Superior medical treatment at budges prices isn’t limited to dentistry only! Hungary’s health tourism is quite comprehensive. Thus, patients who struggle with hair loss or baldness are relieved to notice that the hair restoration surgery they have been putting off for years, in Hungary is well within their budget. One of the most popular hair transplant procedures, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is available in hair clinics throughout Hungary for a fraction of the transplantation cost in a UK- or Irish-based hair clinic. In fact, you will find that hair clinics in Hungary are equipped will all the newest technologies available in Western European countries.

Medical care within reach

Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest can be easily reached from any country in Europe. Several low cost airlines operate flights to Budapest. With budget flights, the high standard medical care that you dream of is easily within reach. That dental implant procedure you always wanted to get is no longer a matter of how, but when.

Medical care coupled with a few days of relaxation

Because more complex treatments in some instances require you to stay in Budapest for a few days, in order to make the most of your time, you can choose to relax at one of Budapest’s thermal baths or stay at one of its thermal hotels. Budapest’s spa tourism has a long-standing tradition that will undoubtedly rejuvenate your body and soul.

Several clinics offer health tourism packages or programmes that include flights, airport transfers, accommodation and, of course, the requested medical services. Patients from European countries like France, UK, Ireland or Italy find Budapest a nice place to combine medical treatments with their holidays.

Enjoy outstanding health care services and let Hungary treat you well!